This is a "Repair services" for the Cape May County
                    area, bicycle rentals & bicycle shops. Bikebob (I) fixes all    
                     types of rental bikes, lowriders, surreys and multi speeds.
                     Contact me by Email if you are in need of fast, responsible,
                      temporary help. References are available if needed.
                    All my great clients are charged the same fee, No one is                                              charged more.
"I fix them all"
Contact Us

    ~I am know to most as "Bikebob", For good reason. I have been in the bicycle business
    since 1973. I have worked in numerous privet bicycle shops, bike rentals and owned
    three of my own shops for 22 years. I now work as a "freelancer" servicing company 
    for local bike shops. If you find yourself short handed, feel free to send me an Email~ 

                             ~This is a service dedicated to the Cape May County area~